"Beraria Chisinau" we are glad to see you!

Attention! In a heart of Chisinau opened a new restaurant  - "Beraria Chişinău"!

This is an excellent combination of the "classical British" and old Chisinau styles. Exclusive beer you will not find anywhere else in the city, and its rich heady flavor is a great reason to get together with your  friends after a busy day. Besides, every Friday and Saturday you can enjoy live music.

The "Beraria Chişinău" restaurant today has already a little bit history. During excavations on the site of this restaurant was found a beer mug dated from 1875. This was an important symbolic moment for our team. As it is well known, the beer mug has long been a symbol of fun and pleasure.

Dear friends!

We look forward meeting you at the following address: 2a E.Doga str., Chisinau, Republic of Moldova

(territory of the hotel "City Park").